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Warming Up the Reactor of ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008 - HOT RAIN concert
Press conference ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008
Project ELEKTROWNIAWIKTOR 37Deathcamp ProjectDaimonionDigital FactorDIARY OF DREAMS


Warming Up the Reactor of ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008 - HOT RAIN concert
11th July 2008 • start 21:00 - KORONA Hotel, Noworudzka Street 1

presentation: Hot RainHot Rain`s roots go back to the year 2001 when Mariusz Skarbiński - the leader and composer of the group, created a project focusing on the electronic music. At the beginning they took the inspiration from bands such as Dead Can Dance, Massive Attack and Faithless. So such sounds you can find in the first tracks of Hot Rain. In 2002 the group leader changed the members of the group preparing a completely new electro project with a female vocal which was supposed to be the perfect source for bringing dynamism and romantics to the music. The invited Iwona was also writing lyrics and Paweł was supporting the band with programming and arrangements. Step by step Hot Rain was closing to a more dynamic rhythm section and modern sounds, and the bands like VNV Nation, Covenant, Prodigy and Kraftwerk had more influence on the band’s compositions.
presentation: Hot Rain First concerts took place in Szczecin`s clubs and from the beginning of 2003 the group was recording a demo material that was warmly welcomed by the music genre fans. Hot Rain got the opportunity to present their works in the TV programme "Fonograf" on the local TV station TVP3. There were two clips recorded from the demo material: "For your peace" and "Electric love", which were played on TV many times after televiewers requests. "Electric love" appeared in the local radio charts and stayed there in the top ten tracks for many weeks.
In March 2003 Hot Rain played as a support on the Melotron`s (German group) concert. After that there were other propositions. The band played in Szczecin, Poznań (Poland), Schwedt and Grimmen (Germany) and also in Slovakia for the invitation of friendly groups Kifoth and L.I.O.B. The year 2005 brought a temporary break in live performances because of the vocalist`s pregnancy. The band took the time to work in the studio on the new material and expand the studio equipment by analog synthesizers. In 2006 Hot Rain took part in a competition for the best remix organized by DJ RAM and A Different Drum Label. The group with success recorded the remix with Colony 5 vocals, which was released in the album "Virtual Server – Setup". Meanwhile new remixes appeared, and this time at the request of German band FP and the Polish DJ and producer Sthilmann. From the beginning of 2007 the group changed completely their web page, and in February 2007 in the label Atum Records releases EP "Crown of Emotions". In 2008 the band releases their first fully-length album "Rights of Love".
More informations: www.hotrain.pl | Hot Rain @ MySpace.com | Atum Records



Press conference ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008
12th July 2008 • start 16:00 • Twierdza Kłodzka (Kłodzko Fortress) • The scenic bastion
Grodzisko Street 1

On the scenic bastion of the Kłodzko Fortress at the 16 o′clock it will begin ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008 press conference with DIARY OF DREAMS (Germany), Digital Factor (Germany) and Polish performers playing on a main stage: Daimonion, Deathcamp Project, organizers, invited guests and representatives of mediumistic patrons.
Number of places limited!
Entrance only with accreditation or invitation.



12th July 2008 • start ~00:00-00:30
Kazamaty, Kłodzko Fortress, Grodzisko Street 1

 ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA presenatation: ELEKTROWNIA 14 - KOSMITA Windup of the evening, another exposure of multimedia Project ELEKTROWNIA is a part of ELECTRO-ROBOT Program, which aims to popularise different types of electronic music. Each edition of ELEKTROWNIA Project is a separate, exceptional event connected combined with multimedia presentations, performances and concerts. Up till now within the ELEKTROWNIA Project performed: POPUP, d’Archangel, WIKTOR 37, JURA, AGRESSIVA 69, NUN. ELEKTROWNIA presented itself also as so-called afterparty following the concerts of stars like: MINERVE, LOWE, NUN, IRIS, CAMOUFLAGE. Members of the project (often called Electricians) and ELEKTROWNIA Project itself are not limited with place (performances in Klodzko, Wroclaw, Krakow), presentation: Wiktor Krokodyl – 13 MUSES - or life without women would be boring time or presentation form. Additionally all the members of project are equal and have the same name (Mr. PowerStation) in different languages. Present members of ELEKTROWNIA Project 2008 are: Fräulein KRAFTWERK, Hölgy EROMU, Pan ELEKTROWNIA, Mister POWERSTATION, Herr KRAFTWERK, Towariszcz LIEKTROSTANCIJA, Miszter EROMU, Fejl KRAFT STATION and… but it is a surprise!
Within 14th edition of ELEKTROWNIA Project will take place vernissage of multimedia exhibition Wiktor Krokodyl – "13 MUSES - or life without women would be boring". The idea of 13 MUSES came out at the end of XX century when Wiktor Krokodyl decided to take the challenge to make a photographic exhibition with more complicated structure, comprised photography, painting, digital image processing, music for each work, and everything composed with quotes from literature important for the artists and vernissage of exhibition in a spectacle / performance form. After 8 years of work this unique project will come out to the sunlight.
More informations: www.elektrownia.electro-robot.com | www.13muz.prv.pl



 ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA presentation: WIKTOR 37  ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA presentation: WIKTOR 37 At sources of the music of the project WIKTOR 37 lie doubtless electronic ruins on the matter of a sound circumjacent us noises. One can himself succeed in finding in them relationships with synthetic veterans as well as industrial noises of cracks of sweet the eighties. An essential feature of this music is the structure of a soundscapes. Further is not what to announce. Unnecessary comparisons with other creators deliver only misunderstandings.
In the instrumentarium: computers, keyboards, microphones, the light and the movement.
Except author`s compositions and cooperations with other artists (Mikrokilla, TOT, Gorthaur, Frozen Prozac, Jura) in the acquired possessions of the WIKTOR 37 project are found numerous covers and remikses of such artists as: Combichrist, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, Gorthaur.
Compositions which become presented during the concert are composed as the musical illustration to graphic works of the project Wiktor Krokodyl – "13 MUSES - or life without women would be boring".
More informations: www.wiktor37.prv.pl | Muzyka WIKTOR 37 na Lastfm.pl


12th July 2008 • start 18:00
Kłodzko Fortress, Grodzisko Street 1

Deathcamp Project
 ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA presenatation: Deathcamp Project  ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA presenatation: Deathcamp Project "We’re just a part of the game in which the main prize is death..."
Deathcamp Project was formed in October 2001 as a direct reaction to an obvious lack of goth-rock sounds within Polish dark, independent music scene. During the last 6 years Void (vocals, guitar, lyrics) and Betrayal (bass, electronic and production) have created their own, intriguing mixture of sounds taking their inspiration from goth-rock of The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, The Cure and Fields of the Nephilim, electro sound of Clan of Xymox as well as murderous sound of a drum machine (a nod towards industrial group Laibach).The combination works well with a polished, dark image the band presents on stage.
Rhytmic and somewhat catchy songs combined with an original tone of Void’s voice make the band easily recognisable on both Polish and international independent scene.
The band has played at many club events and big festivals in Poland (f.e. Castle Party 2006), Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Great Britain, Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary. And supported such great bands as: Clan of Xymox (Hol), NFD (UK) [Tony Pettitt’s band - ex Fields of the Nephilim], Cinema Strange (USA), The Birthday Massacre (Can), Closterkeller (Pl).
One of forthcoming gigs will be at the biggest dark independent festival - German Wave Gotik Treffen in Liepzig (11.05.2008). Every year there are over 35 thousands fans from different parts of the world.
Deathcamp`s songs were played in numerous radio shows, resulting in the song Dead Hours being included on the prestige compilation album Minimax pl 3, compiled by Piotr Kaczkowski (polish John Peel) himself and released by Radio 3. Minimax pl 3 sold over 11 thousands copies.
More informations: www.deathcampproject.com | Deathcamp Project @ MySpace.com



 ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA presenatation: Daimonion  ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA presenatation: Daimonion The band Daimonion has acted on music scene already since 1994, creating in rock clime, which can be named atmospheric - full of energy, colours and space musical landscapes, rooted in the best gothic scene achievements of the turn of 80’s and 90’s. The band develops and experimentalises with tone through the elements of trance, ambient or shoegaze, so the created music would operate not only in sound sphere but also move the other senses. By the critics they are compared to such stars like Sisters of Mercy, Killing Joke, Collage, XIII Stoleti, Gevin Friday or New Model Army. Daimonion perfectly presents in concerts because they have their own, powerful and well-rounded tone. The band can pride themselves of joint performance with such stars like Fields of the Nephilim (in Warsaw’s club "Stodola"), Love Like Blood, Breath of Life (in Krakow’s club "Korona"), Sex Gang Children, VNV Nation, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (in Vienna). They accompanied the tour of Closterkeller in autumn 2002 and in 2006, together with Via Mistica, inaugurated Abracadabra Gothic Tour. Daimonion was fivefold invited as a star to the biggest central European festival of dark/gothic music - Castle Party. They had honor to perform during "Dark Night" concert within the legendary festival in Jarocin, they took part in two editions of international festival Dark Nation Day in Vienna. Daimonion performed within Halo! Gramy festival organized by Polsat TV, and also at "Independent Playing" in Łódź, organized by Niezal.org. This year (2008) they were invited as co-headliner of the first day of Creeper Fest festival in Vilnius. Daimonion took the third place within Mokotowska Jesien Muzyczna right after such famous bands like Myslovitz and Atmosphere.
As a result of co-operation with Love Industry in Lodz there was released reedition of our debut album "Daimonion", available in such store chains as Empik, Media Markt, Merlin.pl, whose premiere took place on 15th June 2007. This was the first long play title because the record made in 2001 didn’t come out of underground circulation, where it moved around in a few copies as CD-R. "Daimonion" is now distributed in Poland by EMI Music Polska.
More informations: www.daimonion.republika.pl | Daimonion @ MySpace.com



Digital Factor
 ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA presenatation: Digital Factor Digital Factor are: Tosten Heise (voc, prog., synth), Mike Langer (voc, prog., synth), Guido Litke (synth, perc.).
Digital Factor was founded in 1993 through Torsten Heise, Mike Langer and Tino Schmidt. In the same Year they’ve produced their first demotape "Suiciety. With that tape they give different concerts in clubs and as support act. During these concerts they’ve sold 300 tapes.
In 1994 they’ve signed a contract with the Danish label Hard Records and they’ve released their first CD "Falling Down". With the CD they entered different alternative charts in Europe. Also the 3rd german television MDR booked the band for their show "top 6".
 ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA presenatation: Digital Factor As a licence of Hyperium/Hypnobeat the band released the first longplayer "relationchip" in 1995. In 1996 the second album "On Demand" was on the market and the band made their first bigger tour together with the band Evils Toy. The videoclip "X-Rayzor" shows different impressions of the tour.
In 1997 the band released two CDs. First they’ve presented a limited editon of a metal box CD with the title "De Facto". There the band was on a very techo-dance trip. The album "Countercheck" was the album for the fans of hard german erlectro sound. Both sides of the band they’ve presented on the tour through Germany, Netherlands, France and Belgium. Most of the concert had an audience between 250 and 400 people on every concert.
In 1999 Digital Factor produced the most successfully album "Over One Million Times". Also during the live activitys they’ve presented the hard techno-dance sound of the band. The highlight was the concert in the Moulin Rouge Club La Loco. The Digital Factor support band were the swedish electro heroes Cat Rapes Dog. The videoclip to the song "Decisions" was presented on the german-music television VIVA2.
After that Torsten Heise and Mike Langer worked as producer for different german bands from the pop- and dance scene. Torsten also works for a big music-software-firm. There he developes software for the consumer-music-market like Magix Music Maker. Mike produces these times his first cinema-movie with the titel "Snuff Out". During this time Tino leaves and Guido Litke enters the band.
In 2005, after different concerts, the band decided to produce a new album. So 2006 the CD "One More Piece" (Wannsee/edel) came into the stores. A special edition of the album was released at a small label in Poland for the Eastern Europe market.
In 2008 the band released a new single as a free-online download on their homepage and entered different radio-charts with "Dein Herz". For the first time they worked together with the Techno-DJ Jake Dile who made a great remix of the song "Dein Herz".
During this time the band works on their eightth album with the title "Go Back To Go Forward". On the CD the band will present the hard electronic style from the 90s in the modern style of 2008.
More informations: www.digitalfactor.de | Digital Factor @ MySpace.com



 ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA presenatation: DIARY OF DREAMS Diary of Dreams - German formation creating electronic music with clear gothic colour. Its pillar, vocal, main composer, texts writer and arranger is ex bass player of the band Garden of Delight – Adrian Hates, who produced most of the band albums single-handedly, using assistance of the others only occasionally. Complete squad of the musicians is engaged rarely, except the live performances. Characteristic elements of most DoD compositions, beside of the vocalist’s voice, are mainly synthetic, electronic tones rarely interspersed with simple electric guitar parts and rather strongly accented rhythmic section. Diary of Dream music, though dynamic, is also dark, and this mood is completed with existential character texts. A special attention deserves fact that the band created new characteristic style in the dark gothic rock stream and is the most important representative of this music fraction.
 ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA presenatation: DIARY OF DREAMS Basic band squad is: Adrian Hates (vocal, electric guitar) and Gaun:A (electric guitar). During work with another albums and concert tours, there have been many interesting musicians joining the band, like: Olaf Schaning "[Os]mium" (keyboards, programming), Torben Wendt (keyboards), Kean Sanders (keyboards), Alistair Kane (electric guitar), Lil’k (electric guitar), Christian Berghoff (electric guitar), Ray:X (drums), DNS (drums). Diary of Dreams released 15 albums so far, including 3 EP, concert album and remix medley. The band appeared with its tracks on dozens of compilations related to music festivals and alternative thematic medleys.
Diary of Dreams performed in Poland four times up till now. In 2003 and 2007 on Castle Party Festival in Bolków, in 2005 on Gothic Festival in Warsaw and sensationally taken by Polish fans concert in Warsaw’s club "Progresja" in January 2008. The concert in Kłodzko will promote the latest Diary of Dreams album "Nekrolog 43". There is also a surprise prepared for fans of the band ;-)
More informations: www.diaryofdreams.de | DIARY OF DREAMS @ MySpace.com
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